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New Online Tracking

We have now launched a new online tracking system to our customers. You can trace your goods at the quick tracking button for guidance.
Perkin recognizes that the efficient management of the flow of goods, services and information along a supply chain from the procurement of raw materials, through suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors, to consumers and end users is becoming increasingly significant.

Service & facilities are contributed by Perkin Logisitics for Sea freight , Air freight , Railway Transportation & Inland transportation, warehouse and storage services , Door-to-Door deliveries, consolidation , customs clearance etc.
We offer cost efficient sea freight services to and from any point globally. Our sea trade lanes span Asia. Middle east, Europe, Africa and United State.
Our air freight management capability ensures customer' cargo reaches any city, country or continent. Goods are collected at the point of origin, cleared through customs and delivered to the end consignee's, using the most cost effective and expedient route.
Through providing resources and centralised warehousing, we enable you to reduce your capital investment, allowing a flexible response to market demands. Saving can also be made by co-ordinating production runs with no under-or overstocking of inventory.
Supply chain design experienced supply chain engineers evaluate your unique business requirements and apply sophisticated analysis, modeling, and design techniques. We can help esteem customers reduce cycle times and inventory as well as minimize the administration cost of managing multiple vendores.